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state street
hotel project

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Locally inspired

The State Street Hotel:
think artful, authentically Madison and culturally connected.

We’re planning a one-of-a-kind independent hotel that captures a distinctive urban vibe and casual style with a progressive attitude. This dynamic lifestyle hotel will appeal to travelers and residents seeking an experience not currently found in this energetic city.

It’s not only a fabulous hotel; but also a spirited community gathering place located on State Street, Madison’s lively eight-block artery that links the iconic State Capitol Building and the picturesque University of Wisconsin campus.

Our hotel will offer memorable, locally-driven hotel experiences, 130 highly stylized guest rooms, a curated art collection, a spectacular rooftop terrace bar, and an imaginatively conceived destination restaurant.

KKAD & MetroStudio, our award-winning architectural team, has sensitively planned a signature hotel that respects its historic setting and is innovatively designed as a catalyst for the future.


The site


The location of the hotel on the
100 Block of State Street is unparalleled.

The development site encompasses three faces of a single block, extending back to the Dayton and Carroll Street corner and creates a guest arrival on the Carroll Street cul-de-sac.




state Street

Energizing the 100 block

The hotel will improve the State Street walkway by reducing the building height from 6-stories to 4-stories, and by having visible dining indoors and out with a lobby bar.

Limestone masonry utilized on the iconic Sate Street exposure of the hotel will seamlessly wrap the building, unifying the design and complimenting the architecture of its historic neighbors on all sides.






Dayton & Carroll Streets


On the Dayton Street side of the hotel, we’ll remove the unattractive skywalk over the street at the request of the city. This will open unencumbered views of the Overture Center for the Arts for the first time since the civic jewel lit up for performances.

The hotel will replace the imposing recessed arches and create a sense of place with a great hotel lobby vibe on both streets. The enhanced visibility and activity from guests will create a pedestrian experience of comfort and safety.

On the Dayton and Carroll corner, the hotel rises above the 4th floor, taking on an elegant glass and metal form terminating with a decorative cornice on the 8th floor. The partial 9th floor is set back and features an exciting new community space, a rooftop terrace and bar offering panoramic views of Lake Mendota, the Capitol and the picturesque University of Wisconsin campus.









the Height

Capitol view improves;
hotel reduces State Street site 2 stories

The hotel design includes two, three and four-store facades on State Street. It reduces the six-story condition of 122 State Street. It is compliant with the State Street height map outlined in the Downtown Plan and city zoning, and will improve capitol views on State Street.

A viewshed study was performed by the development team to make sure the Capitol and other important viewsheds called out in the Downtown Plan are carefully preserved in this design.

The downtown height map allows for a maximum of a six-story, 88-foot building on the Dayton and Carroll corner.

Our architects reduced the height of earlier designs by 11 feet, equivalent to one story. The current design is 95 feet at the cornice of the 8th floor. The partial ninth floor terrace and bar brings the height to 107 feet.

We are asking for the additional 19 feet through a Planned Development (PD) zoning change. The Madison zoning ordinance allows for certain projects to exceed the downtown height map if specific criteria are met. We believe we meet the criteria and ultimately the city process leads to the decision. Here is our application to meet the criteria: Request for Zoning Map and Height Map Amendment


the provenance experience


Provenance Hotels’ reputation for creating properties with a deeply integrated art story, superior design, and the highest level of service has caught the attention of the most discerning travelers. From basic hotel amenities to playful personal touches, properties in the Provenance Hotels collection enjoy national and international recognition for providing an exceptional experience.

Our business model is based on seeking out forward looking cities where we can craft market-making hotels that engage, reflect and embody the local spirit. Madison fits that model to a tee and this location, on State Street, a block from the Capitol, is both irreplaceable and unrivaled in the market. The city is recognized by national media and tastemakers.
— Bashar Wali, Principal & President, Provenance Hotels

Community Enhancement



  • Revitalize the 100 Block of State Street with a benchmark urban hotel that replaces deteriorating commercial buildings with a signature development that beautifies and animates three faces of a single block and creates a special sense of place
  • A world-class Provenance Hotel with art-inspired design and creative community partnerships that energize and engage the downtown
  • A signature community gathering place on the hotel’s rooftop terrace and bar offering panoramic views of Lake Mendota, the Capitol and the University of Wisconsin campus
  • Restore the State Street viewshed for the first time since 1917, by replacing an unattractive six-story building with a classic four-story building that sensitively integrates two historic structures in the design and enhances the architectural rhythm of the iconic street
  • Create a new visual gateway to the Overture Center for the Arts and State Street with the removal of an obstructive skywalk over Dayton Street
  • Enhance the pedestrian experience with a reimagined block featuring a ground-floor destination restaurant, inviting community spaces and a well-lit sense of energy and safety
  • Estimated 70 new permanent jobs will be added
  • Recurring annual tax revenues estimated at over $1,300,000 including property, sales and room taxes
  • Contribute significant local spending by hotel guests, helping the retail, food and beverage scene thrive





the team


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