State Street Hotel Development: FAQ

What is the state Street Hotel Proposal?

It’s a $40 million, benchmark redevelopment of four buildings on the 100 Block of State Street, into a 130-room Provenance boutique hotel. The hotel development site stretches back to Dayton and Carroll Streets, providing the opportunity to activate three sides of a single block.  Upon opening, the hotel will feature a signature art collection, a well-designed rooftop terrace and bar, a ground floor destination restaurant, and an attractive outdoor dining option.


Where will the hotel be located?

118-126 State Street, Madison, with additional frontages on Carroll and Dayton Streets.

The development, which encompasses three contiguous parcels, is located at the heart of Madison’s business and cultural district on State Street.  The 0.30 acres (12,929 sq. ft.) site has prominent frontage on three sides of the block (on State, Dayton and Carroll Streets) due to the triangle nature of the block.


Who are the Developers?

Ascendant Holdings in partnership with Central Properties and Provenance Hotels.


Is the hotel design appropriate for State Street?

Yes, the hotel celebrates the historic rhythm and fabric of State Street and is sensitively designed in a scale consistent with the historic context of its urban setting. The hotel development calls for a four-story limestone masonry structure on State Street that creatively integrates two historic buildings on either end.The building steps back from State Street, and a glass and metal form rises to eight stories with a rooftop terrace and partial 9th floor on the Dayton and Carroll exposures of the block.

Our architects also researched and designed sympathetic fenestration patterns on State Street, selecting building materials comprised of glass and limestone masonry that figure prominently in, and are compatible with, the architecture downtown. The important State Capitol viewshed will be improved on State Street by removing a six-story building and replacing it with a four-story building. Significantly, this is the first time since 1917 that the heart of block will be comprised of only two to four-story buildings.


Are any historic landmark buildings being torn down?

 NO! In fact, we are preserving parts of two historic properties.

The State Street Hotel development encompasses four contiguous buildings from 118-126 State Street.

It includes the unsightly and sprawling 6-story structure (122 State Street), formerly The Fountain, that was once the proud YWCA built in 1917. In 1971 it was stripped of its historic integrity and modernized beyond recognition, taking away the opportunity for restoration.

The site also includes the tired building that housed the former Tiki Shack (126 State Street), and the building that housed the former Winedown (118 State Street). Both buildings will contribute parts of their historic features to the sensitively designed hotel component facing State Street. The design is compatible with the urban context and building height of its neighbors.



are you keeping the skywalk across Dayton Street?

The developers will remove the skywalk over Dayton Street, opening unencumbered views to and from the Overture Center for the Arts for the first time since this civic jewel lit up for performances.

Who is Provenance?

Award-winning Provenance Hotels will operate the hotel. Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Portland, OR, Provenance Hotels specializes in developing and operating award-winning independent hotels with distinct and deeply integrated art stories and distinctive food and beverage offerings.

What kind of special hotel experience do Provenance Hotels offer?

Provenance’s collection of boutique hotels is dedicated to the communities where they are located with creative community partnerships and art-inspired design. Provenance also maintains a deep commitment to eco-friendly practices and fosters special initiatives with local partners to support the innovative environmental projects.

Each Provenance hotel has a unique story. In Madison, hotel guests can expect to be treated to a creative and memorable, locally driven hotel experience. The Provenance hotel portfolio has won many Conde-Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice awards.


Will the State Street Hotel creatE a more positive pedestrian experience?

The hotel will positively animate the area. A driving force in the hotel design was to enhance the quality of the pedestrian experience on the development blocks with open-air street level facades connecting the sidewalk to the active lobby space within. The location of the main entrances to the hotel and restaurant, on Carroll and State Streets respectively, are calibrated to animate and energize the block with lit, secure, 24/7 activity.


Will the hotel cause more traffic?

In short, no. The development team commissioned a full traffic study by Strand Associates. The project modeled existing and projected site conditions, trip generation, travel and parking demand, valet service, public transit options, motor vehicle traffic volumes, and pedestrian and bicycle access. The hotel use will actually reduce morning and evening peak traffic and will result in a parking demand that is 30% lower than the current use.


Where will hotel guests park?

The hotel will provide valet parking at our entrance on Carroll Street. We’ll arrange parking in a number of locations near the hotel. Guests who want to park themselves will do that on their own.


Is the hotel bike-friendly?

Yes. The hotel will provide on-site bike valet service so that guests and employees can have their bikes stored safely inside the building.  We will also encourage our guests to explore the city by bike by offering complimentary bikes for neighborhood excursions.


Is the proposed hotel too tall for its location?

No. On State Street, the hotel will be four stories with historic bookends. We are reducing the current height on State Street for the first time in decades by replacing a blighted six-story eyesore with an attractive four-story limestone masonry building, bringing the site into conformance with the critical Capitol viewshed defined in the Downtown Plan.

On the Carroll and Dayton sides of the block the hotel’s graceful glass and metal form rises to 95 feet at the cornice (7 feet above the elevation of the six-story 88-foot building allowed without a Planned Development, PD) and 107 feet on the stepped back rooftop lounge. We are applying for a PD which is a regulatory framework wisely created by the City of Madison to provide flexibility in design (including height) to facilitate the development of innovative projects benefitting the city that otherwise might not be economically viable, provided they meet a specific set of conditions.


are any views going to be blocked?

No. A viewshed study was performed by the development team to make sure the Capitol and other important viewsheds called out in the Downtown Plan are carefully preserved in this design.

Since we originally submitted the hotel design last fall, the architects worked hard to reduce the overall height by 11 feet (equivalent to a full floor).

What will the hotel cost to build and is there taxpayer money involved?

The hotel will cost $40 million + and it is a 100% private investment.  No public subsidy has been requested. Taxpayers will benefit from hotel taxes that support tourism and other city services, significantly increased property tax revenues and new spending. The estimated recurring yearly taxes are $1.3 million including property, room and sales tax.


When will the Hotel Open?

Second half of 2020.


How can I find out more?

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